Mobile Worker – you are Vulnerable

You are Vulnerable!

These days the mobile worker needs to be secure whilst away from the security of the main office; with the upsurge in the use of mobile devices, different Wi-Fi access points there are a number of points to consider

Consider yourself to be a mobile worker? Always out of the office seeing clients, chasing sales, endless client meetings? Laptop, car, phone, hotel, traffic, B&B, meetings, Friday commute home?

Along with the need to protect the IT Equipment, you have to change your mind-set and understand the issues and threats that you face when working away from the security perimeter of your office Рprotect the end point with decent software, rigorous Firewall installation, up to date Internet Security (anti Malware, anti Virus etc) and consider the use of a VPN to ensure that all your communications are encrypted and secure

Faced with the difficulties of working in unknown environments, you have to be aware of the associated risks you face; try to follow some basic rules ….

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