TrueCrypt – no longer considered secure

TrueCrypt was a popular disk encryption software used by many people to share information securely, without fear of prying eyes; however in May 2014, TrueCrypt announced that the software is no longer secure, and advised users to look elsewhere to secure their data – use an approved alternative

Encrypting your data and communications is vital in today’s security landscape. We recommend that you look at these key areas –

– Use vetted, approved (CESG), trusted, operating system-level encryption

– Ensure you have good “key management” that enables encryption beyond just full-disk on your laptops

– Data isn’t only on your disks, users carry it everywhere, especially the cloud.

– Now’s a good time to re-evaluate your data protection strategy to make sure you’re protecting data everywhere

– Non-Windows platforms need encryption, including OS X, Android and iOS. And don’t forget any systems still running Windows XP (you’ll need to protect them too – or replace them all)

– All external drives or DVDs can hold sensitive records too.

– Encrypt all your storage devices as well

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