Forgive me as I’m typing this with my tongue in my cheek ……

Apparently, some unknown hackers managed to exploit a “security flaw” on the Equifax systems and gained unauthorised access to certain files between mid-May and July 2017.

  • SHOCKINGLY – the “security flaws” were BASIC and CARELESS – un-patched systems and out of date software with KNOWN EXPLOITABLE ISSUES
  • PLUS – equipment left with the default “out of the box” accounts and passwords – Account ID = “admin”, Password = “admin”
  • BUT –  the third largest U.S. credit reporting firm took over five weeks to publically disclose the data breach, which began in mid-May that means the data of 143 million people were exposed for over 3 months – and details of over 400,000 UK citizens
  • AND –  three senior Equifax executives, namely John Gamble (CFO), Joseph Loughran and Rodolfo Ploder, sold almost $2 million worth of their shares just days after the company learned of this massive hack.

Anyone else think that jail may be appropriate?

Sourced from – BBC Radio 4 Money Box 

Sourced from – The Hacker News