Previously Posted – Part 1 Article – Browser Protection More FIREFOX ADD-ONs – additional Firefox extensions that are worth considering:
  • Disconnect Similar to Ghostery, Disconnect is an add-on that blocks web trackers from gathering your personal information.
  • uMatrix A point-and-click matrix-based firewall, with many privacy-enhancing tools – for “advanced users”
  • Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe) One of the best add-ons for protecting your data. Not only does it block companies from collecting information about you, it also manages and protects your sensitive details like password credentials and payment information.
  • Better Privacy Combats the long-term “super-cookies” (“Flash cookies”) that companies use for perpetual tracking of your web activity. It lets you view and destroy these super-cookies.
  • Clean Links When it detects an obfuscated or nested link (such as you might find with shady redirection or affiliate products), it replaces it with the clean, straight version. You’ll be able to see “dodgy links” before you actually click on them.
Don’t install RANDOM or DUBIOUS Software If you’re downloading and installing random software, there’s a VERY good chance it’s either back-doored or has some level of spyware attached to it. If you don’t NEED it, don’t install it, don’t risk it. Use a PASSWORD Manager Password managers are great for generating and storing long complicated passwords so you don’t have to memorize them all. The idea is that you can generate a brand new password for every single service or account you use, reducing any risk. Make sure that you have a strong, memorable master password; some use 2FA or digital media along side the master password. There are plenty around – search the web for review sites and use the one that suits you Use a VPN or a “MULTI-HOP” VPN A VPN or virtual private network encrypts your network data through a server (or servers) and makes web requests on your behalf. This means when you visit websites, your IP address will appear as wherever the VPN’s server is making the request from. They’re good for stopping automatic ISP snooping, but they are not a magic bullet. Remember you are placing your trust in the VPN service and some may not deserve it. Previously Posted – Part 1 Article – Browser Protection Part 3 Article – next week