Time to re-evaluate your logon credentials, update your passwords – if you haven’t been doing this on a regular – and think about your general security on the “web”

Follow some simple rules or thoughts –

  • Only use a password once on an individual account
  • Do not use the same password across different accounts
  • Make each password “complex” and hard to guess
  • Suggest three random words strung together; you can add any other characters between, before of after to make it more difficult to guess
  • Use a “password manager” –
    • It will store each password in an encrypted data file
    • You only have to remember the one “master” password for this file
    • The manager will “auto-type” your login for you
    • The manager can generate 50+ character long passwords (which you will not need to remember)
  • After this first level of security – add a “multi factor” level
  • Many different types of MFA or 2FA are available – normally an additional code is sent through to another device