Fees & Charges


A signed ‘non-disclosure agreement’ (NDA) between both parties must be in place before any specific planning or detailed information is exchanged

A fully detailed quote will be provided before any work is started – this will become a fully detailed work package and work plan which must be agreed in writing by both parties

Fees and charges for services relate directly to the specific service requested

Minimum Charges

Minimum charges apply and are normally related to one half-day charge which is £250.00 plus VAT

Minimum call-out charges apply to new or speculative meetings of £250.00 plus VAT – these charges are refunded in full once a work plan has been started

Scanning Charges

System scanning costs are computed on the number of devices and servers included in the required scan

All scanning work must be fully specified (what and how) and agreed before any work can commence

All scanning or ‘penetration testing’ must be signed off by senior directors giving full permission

Last Updated: September 2019

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